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The Fortune Building... cultivating heart & soul  within the practice of real estate.

For nearly two decades, a project called 'The Fortune Building' has been slowly but steadily evolving in Asheville, North Carolina. Housed in a physical commercial space, the Building has played host to an array of creative uses which go far beyond it's predominant historic reputation as a neighborhood hardware store serving homeowners and businesses alike.

What started out in the 1930's as the newly repurchased and relocated Ideal Paint & Hardware, soon was renamed Fortune's Hardware -- reflecting it's owner Jack Fortune, who ran the family business til he died and his son Albert took over.

Many years later, the Building is awaiting further renovations downstairs, while upstairs had been home to a half a dozen small non-profit organizations and 'green' businesses working towards social, environmental and economic change. Currently the upstairs is available for classes and meeting space.

Though Estelle never really chose an active career in real estate, she was for a brief time co-owner of The Fortune Building along with me -- her son. Hence, similar to the Shapiro, Rudin and Fortune families (like so many others) Estelle had in her own way passed the torch on to at least one family member who will honor the tradition and consider it a privilege to provide space for rent to those seeking a place to live, work, or find their passion in life and express it to their fullest.

Beyond simply the business of real estate or the act of painting and making art, Estelle also had a life-long interest in psychology and interpersonal communication -- always seeking the most effective win-win with as little conflict and confrontation as possible.  It is with these goals in mind that The Fortune Building continues to evolve a working model of community-oriented real estate, and I will be forever indebted to my mother, Estelle, for having passed on the greatest fortune one could ever hope for -- the willingness to listen, curiosity to explore, and the preservation of a safe space in which we can all continue to do so.

For more information, please visit or call 828.236.0236.

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