The Estelle & Joe Show

The Pair with the Silver Hair

...A Champagne Bubble & Some Razor Stubble

Estelle and Joseph had a life of their own. The couple was notorious for dining out and turning heads for any number of reasons. Whether it was the way she brought her wardrobe to life as colorfully as it adorned her, or the dapper elegance of his custom tailored English suits to match the accent, they were the quintessential couple on parade down Park Avenue enjoying their lives immensely. You could see it in their smiles, hear it in their laughs, and even feel it in the air as they walked by.

Surely there are other elegant couples soaking up New York City each night, collected from all around the world... but something about watching the two of them headed out for the evening was rather a sight to be seen -- at least once.  Clearly the doormen at 1085 were frequent observers with front row seats, while the locals at favorite neighborhood restaurants such as Elio's had a balcony view. Whether partaking of a James Beard dinner or reminiscing listening to Kathleen over drinks at the Pierre's piano bar where they first met, Estelle and Joe were often lost in a world all their own. A world where time stood still for a while and waited til they were ready to leave...

... and where a few of us who remain may still quietly grieve.

Surely any good fairy tale has its ups and downs -- and a few shadowy merry go-rounds. This one is by no means an exception. But for now, life goes on and they will be forever remembered by most as a couple who found a fortune in each other... in more ways than one.

Hats off to you both... or maybe they look better on!? ;)