It's a Family Affair -- And Oh What a Pair!

Ever the curious one...

Estelle's life was as eclectically rich and rewarding as it was simple and mundane. At first glance, her story could in many ways seem unremarkable. But to those who knew and loved her, she was a modestly powerful woman whose creativity, curiosity, and loyalty ran deep. Devoted mother, wife, and friend to many, she had a heart and a listening ear that could not easily be matched by most people you'll ever meet.

There is a lot more to the story... including her 14 year relationship with Joe Ades, known to many local NY'ers as the "Park Avenue Peeler Guy". As much a fairy tale romance as a cautionary tale of 'dysfortune', look for this and many other stories to come...

Today Show Video Clip of Joe -- (10/08)

History Tells Her Story

Childhood Years
Read about Estelle's family.
The Buckingham
The family fortune...
Estelle & Joseph
The Quintessential New York Couple.
1085 Park
Home Sweet Home
The Fortune Building
Taking real estate to the next level...